NEWS12 July 2013

Mobile advertising measurement guidelines released

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US — The final measurement guidelines for mobile application and mobile web advertising have been released.

The complementary guidelines aim to provide a benchmark for mobile advertising to ensure that media companies, networks, ad servers and other active members of the industry deliver high quality data to ad buyers.

The updated guidelines were drafted by Media Rating Council (MRC) and included input from dozens of Interactive Advertising Bureau and Mobile Marketing Association members.

MRC executive director and CEO George Ivie said: “Now that there is clear and specific industry measurement guidance in place, both buyers and sellers of mobile advertising will have enhanced confidence that the performance and effectiveness of campaigns can be consistently and accurately measured, which will lead to greater accountability and increased investment by marketers in the mobile space.”

  • The “Mobile Application Advertising Measurement Guidelines” are available for download here and the “Mobile Web Advertising Measurement Guidelines” are available separately at here.



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