NEWS22 June 2017

Mobile advertising becoming more intrusive

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UK – Over half of consumers believe that mobile advertising has become more intrusive over the last year, according to a survey from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). 

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The research revealed that 90% of those surveyed recalled seeing an ad on mobile within the first few days of viewing it on their mobile browser. But the study also found that, on average, 61% said they were seeing more ads now than this time last year, and 54% believed that mobile advertising had become more intrusive in that time. An impressive 90% said that ad intrusiveness had not improved or worsened. 

Just 6% of those surveyed said they felt more favourably towards a brand or product after seeing an ad. 

Ben Williams, head of operations at Adblock Plus, commented: “While the study and much of the coverage around it has sought to present the findings as a vindication of mobile advertising, the research actually points to an increasingly hazardous situation.

"Clearly the market for mobile advertising is growing, with over half of respondents reporting seeing more advertising since last year, and the 90 per cent recall statistic might be seen by some as an indicator that this growth is synonymous with increased advertising effectiveness. Moreover, it is a mistake to prioritise these broad statistics over those that indicate how mobile advertising is actually experienced by its target audience – only six per cent felt more favourably towards the brand and/or product after seeing the ad. 

“In fact, over half of respondents found that mobile advertising has become more intrusive over the last year, meaning this increase in quantity is detrimental to the quality of the mobile experience for most people – there is more advertising on mobile, and it is increasingly getting in the way of an enjoyable mobile browsing experience."