NEWS17 January 2018

Advertising more ‘irritating’ for consumers

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UK – Consumers see more advertising and find it more intrusive than three years ago, while a quarter of multichannel campaigns are poorly integrated, research from Kantar Millward Brown has found.

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Eighty-one per cent of consumers surveyed in the AdReaction study said advertising appears in more places now, compared to three years ago. Meanwhile, 69% of respondents felt that ads are more intrusive and a third ( 36%) said they are more confusing.

However, 51% said advertising tells better stories now.

Kantar Millward Brown conducted quantitative research in 45 countries, multichannel copy testing, and custom analysis of its global media effectiveness databases to examine the level of integration in multichannel advertising campaigns.

Forty-six per cent of advertising campaigns tested in the study were found to be well integrated and customised – i.e. the campaign idea was clear in most channels, with the creative tailored to each media channel. However, 29% were integrated but not well customised to individual media, while a quarter ( 26%) were not well integrated. 

The study also highlights a disconnect between how marketers think their campaigns are performing and consumer perceptions of advertising: while the majority of marketers surveyed ( 89%) believe their campaign strategies are integrated, only 58% of consumers agree.

Campaigns that are well integrated and customised perform 57% better, according to the study.

Duncan Southgate, global brand director, media and digital at Kantar Millward Brown, said: “Consumers feel overwhelmed by advertising from all angles, while marketers struggle to make the most of ad formats and channels to best reach consumers. Using more media channels can improve campaign effectiveness, but only if the channels work synergistically.”

Kantar Millward Brown surveyed 14,000 adults aged 16-65 between August and November 2017 in 45 countries. Media effectiveness learning came from new analysis of the company’s CrossMedia database among 223 campaigns monitored during 2015-2017, while creative learning came from ad testing of 12 campaigns in eight countries.