NEWS28 November 2016

Moat unveils video metric

News North America

US — Software as a Service (SaaS) analytics and measurement company Moat has unveiled a new metric for measuring digital video exposures. 

Online video crop

Moat Video Score incorporates the length of the video that’s been seen and heard as well as the percentage of the screen that the ad has occupied, across all platforms. 

"We still watch TV content but we do it when, where, and how we want," said Jonah Goodhart, co-Founder and CEO, Moat.

"While TV ads are consistent in experience, digital ones are not – in fact from site to site, app to app, and platform to platform, how individuals see and are exposed to ads changes in dramatic ways. Imagine if TV commercials were different based on whether you watched one network versus another; that’s the world of digital.

"As a result, we need a way to understand video exposures across multiple platforms in a manner that makes sense to both marketers and publishers."

The Moat Video Score will be available in the coming weeks on Moat partner platforms.