NEWS16 June 2021

MM Eye directors form sustainability agency

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UK – The directors of market research agency MM Eye have launched the Say Do Company to help companies to implement sustainability initiatives.

Damien Field, Alison Phillips and Deborah Fitzpatrick

The Say Do Company will aim to help companies close the gap between intentions and delivery in sustainability, and will combine market research and business change strategy.

The company was set up by Damien Field (pictured right), managing director at MM Eye, Alison Phillips (pictured centre), client services director at MM Eye, and Deborah Fitzpatrick (pictured left), deputy managing director at MM Eye.

The Say Do Company will also focus on helping to improve financial performance through customer understanding and synthesis of sustainability and commercial objectives.

Field said: “We’ve seen how, in research, people overclaim the importance of sustainability. We’ve also seen how many businesses pay lip service to sustainability, treating it as a back-office function or restricting themselves to high profile PR activities.

“Ultimately both of these say-do gaps need to close if we are to make the required progress. We’ve set up The Say Do Company to help businesses seize the commercial opportunity of putting sustainability at the heart of their customer proposition.”