NEWS11 January 2016

Millward Brown releases digital behaviour tool

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US – Millward Brown has launched an advanced analytics solutions, Digital Behavior Analytics (DBA) which uses search pattern and social media conversation data to provide insights on brand and marketing campaign performance.

Sarah Walker (pictured), global lead for DBA at Millward Brown, said: “Social media and search are double-edged swords. While they offer the potential to understand consumer behaviour and perceptions on an unprecedented scale, the sheer volume of data generated can be overwhelming, with the result that marketers often struggle to derive value from it.”

She said Millward Brown’s aim with DBA was to turn big data into better data and to have the confidence to use the data in decision-making.

As well as being used for campaigns, DBA can monitor longer term brand health by monitoring changing trends in interest and opinion over time. The ‘always on’ analysis provides consistent metrics for long-term strategic decisions.

DBA is available in more than 30 countries and can be used on its own or integrated into Millward Brown’s brand tracking.