NEWS3 December 2010

Millward Brown adds OpenAmplify semantics to tracking studies

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UK— Millward Brown has started to use OpenAmplify’s language processing technology in its brand tracking studies.

The firm said that the addition of the OpenAmplify technology would provide brands with a “deeper understanding of what respondents really mean” in their survey answers.

OpenAmplify uses automated coding to distinguish what is being said in text as negative, positive or neutral.

Millward Brown said the service has been rolled out globally to all its companies and licensees, for use on English language research projects.

Jorge Alagón (pictured), the research agency’s head of global innovations, said: “The need to open our tracking studies to listen to the consumer’s actual words in order to complement responses to closed questions, has increased over the years. As brands become wise to what is being said about them, tracking studies increase in size, length and complexity which makes including a human element difficult and expensive.”

OpenAmplify CEO Mark Redgrave said the technology would allow Millward Brown’s clients to “get qualitative insights from quantitative research”.


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14 years ago

Sounds great for coding and simplifying office work... but do one REALLY needs a software to get qual insights from numeric data?? If that's the main asset, I'd suggest some more out-the-box thinking, it would save quite a lot of money in tech resources...

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