NEWS28 October 2016

Millennials are 16% more narcissistic than other generations

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US — New research from digital agency SYZYGY has revealed that millennials are 16% more narcissistic than other generations, and remain narcissistic as they age. 

The report was based on a survey with over 2,500 millennials and an equal sample of non-millennial adults. It used digital habits, use of social media, posting of selfies and a willingness to skip meals rather than relinquish a smartphone as signs of narcissism. Fifty eight per cent of millennials said they would rather give up breakfast for a month than be without their smartphone.  

Based on the fact that millennials now represent the core mainstream adult consumer, spending around $200bn a year in the US, the report claims that this supports the emergence of ‘EgoTech', which describes the concept of technology that flatters the ego. 

EgoTech includes personalised digital apps and on-demand apps ‘that play to the needs of millennials for special treatment and self-sufficiency'.

"Based on the psychology of narcissism, we identified seven specific EgoTech opportunities for connecting with millennials through adulthood," said Dr. Paul Marsden, author of the study and social psychologist and digital strategist at SYZYGY.

"The insight that millennials retain their trademark trait of elevated narcissism into adulthood presents marketers with a clear opportunity; but EgoTech is not just for millennials. As a nation, we are all becoming more narcissistic as the cult of the self exerts itself digitally. Against a backdrop of personal digital technology, celebrity culture, easy credit and new parenting styles, EgoTech will have universal and compelling appeal."