NEWS20 November 2009

Microsoft looks to deliver metrics for 1 vs. 100 advertisers

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US— Microsoft is commencing a pilot test with Nielsen to provide metrics on who saw what adverts featured in its Xbox Live interactive quiz game 1 vs. 100.

The test gets underway following tonight’s launch of the second season of the game, which is an online adaptation of the popular TV show which sees a group of 100 people competing against an individual to answer questions correctly and win prizes.

Game sponsors will have their adverts displayed between rounds and Nielsen will be on hand to identify who was playing the game and saw a particular ad.

Mark Kroese, the general manager of Microsoft’s Advertising Business Group, said: “Our goal is to ultimately provide advertisers with concrete Gross Rating Points and Targeted Rating Points to maximise their media spend.”

After 1 vs 100’s 14-week run, Kroese says the collaboration with Nielsen will continue “to learn how electronic measurement, panels and census data can be applied to additional Xbox Live media types such as TV, video [and] social media.”