NEWS4 November 2019

MetrixLab releases pre-test ad tool

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THE NETHERLANDS – Digital research agency, MetrixLab, has launched an AI-based pre-test advertising tool, Act Instant.

The tool allows clients to pre-test ads in 24 hours by using machine and deep learning elements of artificial intelligence (AI) to predict advertising performance without needing surveys or respondents.

Act Instant is available in the US for mobile social video and will roll out globally for other ad formats.  

Rick Candelaria, senior vice-president consulting, brand engagement at MetrixLab, said: “Most new solutions in our industry are really just incremental advancements of existing methodologies, and most still leverage traditional survey-based approaches. What makes Act Instant so different is that we have combined an incredible amount of institutional learning with our own extensive ad testing databases in an approach that eliminates one of the most time-consuming and resource-intensive steps – creating, fielding and analysing a consumer survey.”