NEWS26 November 2018

MetrixLab launches emotional tool

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UK – Consumer insights business MetrixLab has developed a new tool to understand people’s emotional reactions to brands and communication.

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Avaya is being launched to complement the company’s existing research tools, working as an add-on module.

It covers the eight emotional domains considered most relevant to marketing activities: on the positive scale – joy/excitement, surprise/amazement, trust/admiration and love/passion; and on the negative scale – fear/terror, anger/rage, sadness/grief and disgust/loathing.

Avaya uses avatars to help respondents communicate their emotions, helping them convert and intuitively express their emotions quickly without the use of words to minimise their cognitive thinking.  

One Emotional Intensity Score is produced which can be bench-marked against MetrixLab’s database and key competitors. It also provides the underlying scores for each of the eight emotional domains, including changes over time and performance relative to the competition.

Alexander Kleijngeld, senior director for knowledge and innovation at MetrixLab, said: “The challenge until now is that research techniques that directly and passively capture emotional resonance haven’t been scalable, efficient or suited to an online context. Avaya offers a balanced view between positive and negative emotional archetypes, which is relevant in a marketing and communications context. It allows us to capture and quantify emotional, instinctive responses to brands, advertisements, ideas, product concepts and packaging designs, so brands can maximise the impact from their efforts and investments.”