NEWS9 November 2011

MetrixLab buys CRM Metrix for performance research boost

Europe M&A

NETHERLANDS— Online research firm MetrixLab has bought digital marketing analytics specialist CRM Metrix, creating a combined digital marketing research business of over €30m in annual revenues.

MetrixLab, based in Rotterdam, works primarily in the areas of new product development, brand communication, e-business performance and customer satisfaction measurement. CRM Metrix, meanwhile, focuses on performance measurement for brand websites, online ad campaigns, email communications, social media and online sponsorships.

The company, founded by Laurent Florès (pictured) and with offices in Paris and New York, will be folded into MetrixLab’s e-business performance group and led by Florès and MetrixLab business unit director Thomas Marteijn.

MetrixLab CEO Han de Groot said: “Performance measurement of digital media investments is increasingly becoming a core component of marketing research. The pace at which marketing euros are flowing to online and social media marketing will continue to accelerate… These powerful trends are what make our acquisition of CRM Metrix significant.”