NEWS21 July 2015

MetrixLab adds norms to mobile ad pre-testing

North America Technology

US — MetrixLab has announced that benchmarking specific to mobile ads is now available as part of its mobile-in-mobile ad copy testing solution.

Mobile Norms is available in the US, Europe and Asia for MetrixLab’s Ad-Vance mobile pre-testing subscriptions and ACT-Copy testing solution.

“In the fast growing digital advertising market, mobile ads are gaining the high ground,” said Michelle de Montigny, global SVP, Brand Engagement Consultancy at MetrixLab.

“Some industry estimates forecast that over half of digital ad budgets will be allocated to mobile by the end of the year.  With this shift to mobile ad spending, the focus on ‘getting mobile right’ will be key for all advertisers who are figuring out how to engage consumers on mobile devices.”