NEWS22 September 2009

Mesh opens ‘experience database’ to media planners


UK— In the three years since its launch, communications research agency Mesh Planning has catalogued over 100,000 interactions between consumers and brand touchpoints. Now the firm has compiled all that information into a planning database.

Through the TROI Experience Database, Mesh founder Fiona Blades says planners will be able to divvy up clients’ media budgets based on what communications channels resonate best with their target audience.

Data has been collated over the years through Touchpoints Return on Investment, Mesh’s research approach that asks study participants to record each encounter they have with an ad campaign – whether it be on TV, radio, online outdoor or in print – with a mark given on a five-point scale for how the encounter made them feel.

Of the 100,000 encounters stored in the TROI Experience Database around 65,000 occurred in the UK, with the remainder coming from Asia, Europe and the US.

Category-wise, Blades said data is particularly robust for the FMCG and technology sectors. Analysis of FMCG data, for example, shows in-store and TV as the most effective channels for building consumer engagement with a brand, followed by actual product usage. Planners can also apply demographic segmentation to the data.

“We have been using the database to provide benchmarks for our clients to measure their activity against,” said Blades, name-checking Omnicom Media Group as a client. “However, it has now become large enough to mine for stand-alone analysis to unveil new insight on how people are connecting with brands.”