NEWS27 August 2020

Mesh Experience partners with Cambrian Analytics

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UK – Data, insight and analytics company Mesh Experience has partnered with dynamic reporting firm Cambrian Analytics on an agile dashboard tool for brand performance.

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The dashboard tool will use Mesh Experience’s real-time experience data and provide an interactive way of exploring its qualitative diary insights on brand and media performance.

The tool will automate the analytics workflow that processes and feeds into Mesh’s dashboard visualisations.

Fiona Blades, founder of Mesh Experience, said: “Previously we have not been able to quickly link our bubble charts on brand performance, in terms of positivity and persuasiveness, to specific diary commentary by brand.

“The diary helps paint a rich picture of what people feel about the brand experiences they have.”

Erin Tavgac, founder of Cambrian Analytics, said: “The Mesh data is rich and we wanted to enable people to be able to dig into both the quantitative data and the stories in the diary to get a complete picture.

“Our solution makes it intuitive to navigate through this data to get to the insight nuggets.”