NEWS14 August 2020

Meredith Corporation launches data studio

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US – Media company Meredith Corporation has established a data studio to help advertisers use the firm’s data for marketing opportunities.

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Meredith Data Studio will feature full-service data solutions, predictive analysis, paid consulting and self-service tools, and will help to target audiences and provide contextual advertising.

The media company is the biggest magazine owner in the US, and also runs 17 local television stations, reaching 11% of US households. Meredith said it reaches 190 million Americans, and 95% of the nation’s women.

The company is also partnering with the consulting firm Slalom to help improve Meredith’s consulting services.

Alysia Borsa, chief business and data officer, who oversees Meredith Data Studio, said: “Meredith possesses rich, exclusive data with massive scale in content-rich environments.

“Using those assets, we've built an exclusive, in-depth 12,000+- term taxonomy, a proprietary identity graph and over 12 billion intent signals to achieve an unmatched, comprehensive and timely understanding of women and their purchase intent.”