NEWS21 March 2018

Meetrics to verify Facebook and Instagram video

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UK & Germany – Facebook and Instagram are to submit their video viewability metrics to be verified by ad verification company Meetrics.

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The firm said it will be the first non-US partner to verify the platforms’ video viewability.

Advertisers will be able to see how viewable video adverts are on the platforms, in terms of what percentage of the ad is in view and for how long. They will also be able to compare how ads perform against differing viewability levels.

A minimum of 50% of an ad must be in view for at least two seconds for it to be deemed viewable.

Philip von Hilgers, chief executive and co-founder at Meetrics, said: “This is welcome news for advertisers as it will help them make better media planning decisions on Facebook and Instagram, particularly as they can compare how their campaigns performed depending on different minimum viewability thresholds.”

Meetrics was named as Facebook’s international viewability partner in December 2017.