NEWS13 July 2020

Maru/Matchbox releases idea testing tool

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CANADA – Advisory insights provider Maru/Matchbox has launched a tool to help companies test product and campaign ideas.

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The tool, which is called Choice-based Ideation, will help companies understand consumer behaviour and Maru/Matchbox said the tool can test a number of different ideas at the same time at scale.

Maru/Matchbox said the tool is free from cultural bias, and could compare results across different target audiences, including at a global level.

Todd Trautz, chief innovation and solutions officer at Maru/Matchbox, said Choice-based Ideation would enable firms to track which ideas respondents preferred, which they disliked and which they disregarded altogether.

Ged Parton, chief executive of Maru Group, said: “Choice-based Ideation looks to combat idea exclusion; the notion that some ideas are left on the boardroom table simply because brands don’t have the budget, time or ability to test all ideas at once.

“Our advanced methodology combines behavioural modelling and predictive choice technology, allowing us to accurately test ideas at scale.”