NEWS15 July 2010

Martini Media and Crowd Science to profile luxury consumers

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US— Martini Media and online research agency Crowd Science have teamed up to launch a study to generate audience profile data on 45 million affluent consumers.

The study will target consumers earning more than $100,000 a year across a network of 1,100 lifestyle and business websites. Martini Media, which specialises in marketing to affluent consumers, will use Crowd Science technology to identify consumers within this segment and quiz them to create “deep audience profile data”.

Skip Brand (pictured), Martini Media’s CEO, said: “Our study is unique because we look at the specific behavioural profile of each respondent, and the context of that response, to control, verify and supplement the survey data. These behaviour-survey profiles are not only interesting, they are very valuable in helping us serve our clients.”

The Martini Affluent Study, which will deliver its results later this year, is being co-sponsored by digital agency Morpheus Media and the Luxury Institute, a research agency dedicated to the luxury goods and services sector.

Morpheus managing director Shenan Reed said: “It is research like this that allows us to better serve our clients and their customers. We are thrilled to be working with such great partners to help us break new ground.”