NEWS7 July 2010

Marketwire acquires social media monitor Sysomos

M&A North America

CANADA— PR distribution agency Marketwire has confirmed its acquisition of social media monitoring and analysis firm Sysomos.

Rumours of the deal surfaced yesterday but Sysomos remained tight-lipped and said it had no comment to make. The deal was then closed later in the day.

Marketwire president and CEO Michael Nowlan said: “This is a critical step in our integrated communication solution strategy. The rapid changes in communications as a result of social media now make it imperative to immediately understand the impact of outbound messaging: what happens to it, what’s the reaction to it, and how is it used to evaluate and strategise future messages?”

Sysomos’ key product offerings, MAP (Media Analysis Platform) and social media monitoring tool Heartbeat, will be offered to clients under the Marketwire brand.

Nick Koudas, Sysomos president and co-founder, said: “There is a natural fit and synergy between Marketwire and Sysomos: our common goal is a customer-centric approach in applying technology to meet the challenges of communicating in an ever-evolving environment.”


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11 years ago

Rationale for this deal? At first glance I suspect the idea is to utilize the Marketwire customer base to increase marketshare (the obvious conclusion). I am not however seeing any value heading in the direction of the Sysomos client base. Anybody have any thoughts as to what Sysomos customers get out of this one? Does anyone else think that Sysomos might have sold themselves a bit short? [Disc: I work Visible Technologies]

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