NEWS1 August 2013

Marketers unsure of social media ROI

Trends UK

UK — Digital marketers still need convincing that social media drives ROI according to a survey from TagMan.

The Tag management system provider found that 43% of marketers were not confident that their social media investments were driving social media while a further 32% of respondents were unsure of the value of social media.

In addition, 41% of marketers believed reporting accurate ROI of all marketing activity was the biggest challenge currently facing their business. In fact, 49% were unsure how they measured and rewarded channel performance with a further 55% still measuring success of display campaigns by click-through rates.

The survey also found that 31% were suffering from data overload and although 59% believed big data could have a real impact on business revenue, 36% did not understand what it really was.

TagMan CEO John Baron sad: “Being able to understand that ROI your marketing spend is generating should be at the heart of a digital marketer’s focus, giving them the ability to interpret, value, and respond to the data available to them.”