NEWS14 August 2017

Maritz launches employee engagement benchmarks

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US – Maritz Motivation Solutions has launched the Engagement Potential Index (EPI), a tool to measure company culture and engagement potential against industry benchmarks.

The EPI, based on the Maritz CultureNext global employment engagement model, is designed to be used to understand company culture and identify areas for improvement, to develop a tailored roadmap for the success of engagement programmes and benchmark and assess progress. 

“Employee engagement is a recognised key performance indicator of thriving organisations," said Kimberley Lanier, vice-president of employee engagement at Maritz Motivation Solutions.

"Unfortunately, global employee engagement is at an alarming low rate, costing employers millions of dollars. We designed the EPI as an innovative assessment that gives you the information you need to understand how your culture is wired to boost employee connection and commitment.” 


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3 years ago

Measuring engagement is a good first step, albeit imprecise. Improving engagement and results is more important. Empowering employees to think and act like owners, driving and participating in the profitable growth of the company, is a proven way to drive results and engagement. Industry leaders like Southwest Airlines, Capital One and BHP Billiton and hundreds of private companies treat their employees like trusted business partners, enabling them to make more money for their company and themselves. They consistently see both profits and engagement soar. This Forbes article provides more background:

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