NEWS18 August 2011

Luth Research partners with Exmovere for emotion detection


US— Luth Research has announced an agreement with biomedical engineering firm Exmovere to incorporate questions designed to gauge emotion into its surveys.

Luth will have exclusive right to use “physiology-based questions” to evaluate how people feel during a survey or in response to stimuli.

Roseanne Luth, president and CEO of Luth Research, said: “We have always prided ourselves on making certain we capture the human parts of how people react to the various stimuli in our research programmes… With the new Exmovere-based battery of proprietary physiology-based questions – which we can add to any study– we can also now clearly show and evaluate how people feel.”

Exmovere produces devices, sensors and software for detecting and reporting emotion, as well as other healthcare and security technology.