NEWS18 November 2021

Lumen and Mail Metro Media launch Centre for Attention

Media News UK

UK – Attention technology business Lumen has created a Centre for Attention in partnership with media company Mail Metro Media, the publisher of titles including the Daily Mail and Metro newspapers.

Eye tracking

The Centre for Attention surveyed more than 2,500 MailOnline readers using eye tracking technology to analyse digital advertising formats across desktop and mobile.

The research set out to demonstrate that digital advertising can be effective for brand advertising by assessing homepage takeovers, sponsored content, and video and high-impact brand formats on readers’ attention.

The Centre for Attention said that the research showed that premium display advertising on MailOnline generated seven times the attention of standard formats, as well as increases in brand recall and consideration.

Other key findings included that multiple advert exposures of the same brand on the same page, contextual and audience relevance, have benefits that can improve reader attention.

MailOnline is one of the world’s biggest media outlets, with more than 1.9 billion page views every month.

From December, Mail Metro Media said it would offer creative focused attention studies to clients, enabling them to understand their own benchmarks for their creative and to optimise media plans to drive more attention for brands.

Dominic Williams, executive director – advertising at Mail Metro Media, said: “Understanding the big difference between ads being viewable and actually being viewed, we also know our advertisers’ campaigns have a much higher chance of being seen and remembered, with a greater effect on brand choice.”