NEWS14 August 2023

Lumen, Nexxen and TVision partner on attention measurement

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US – Advertising technology platform Nexxen, attention measurement firm Lumen Research and linear and connected television business TVision have agreed to work together on an attention measurement tool.

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The tool will cover attention measurement across connected television (CTV), online video and display.

The attention measurement tool will cover three main elements, starting with pre-campaign planning via active attention analysis and creative optimisation, run by creative agency Nexxen Studio.

The second part will be activation through Lumen’s Attentive Private Marketplaces tool, which will be delivered on CTV by Nexxen.

The final element is measurement and reporting, which will use TVision data and Lumen’s Attention Measurement Dashboard.

Karim Rayes, chief product officer at Nexxen, said: “Our partnership with Lumen and TVision comes as marketers continue to explore attention measurement – for example, validation that a user saw an ad, saw part of an ad or didn’t see an ad – as a method to better understand how consumers are interacting with their campaigns.

“Using solutions like ours, they can more comprehensively plan campaigns (when designing creative assets and allocating media spend), optimise campaigns in real time and plan for the future using post-campaign findings.”

Mike Follett, chief executive at Lumen Research, said: “This will give advertisers an easy way to drive higher efficiency and effectiveness for CTV ads by delivering impressions across the ad-supported CTV channels and app inventory that are guaranteed to drive the most attention for their specific brand, generating higher awareness, consideration and conversion that can be measured and optimised.”

Yan Liu, chief executive at TVision, added: “True eyes-on-screen measurement is the most effective way to understand if ads are breaking through the noise to reach their intended audiences, especially for passive viewing experiences like CTV.

“When our data is combined with Lumen’s digital attention metrics, Nexxen clients can better activate campaigns and measure audience engagement across the advertising ecosystem.”