NEWS15 November 2010

Luma and Vision Critical launch ad testing community

Asia Pacific Trends

AUSTRALIA— Ad research agency Luma has struck a partnership with online research firm Vision Critical to launch a community-based ad testing service.

The Ad Nest community already has 2,000 members but will grow to 5,000 people over time. Members are asked to give their feedback on adverts that are in development or they may be called on by companies to assess competitor campaigns.

Luma CEO Sally Joubert (pictured) said: “Online communities enable us to provide insights with shorter timeframes and lower costs, giving advertisers the ability to react to market conditions instantly and maintain a competitive edge. By having their ad tested with our online community, companies can keep their finger on the pulse and know how their audience will react to their communications and that of their competitors.”

In January this year, Luma partnered with panel provider Research Now to launch Add+Impact 2.0, an ad testing service that uses Research Now panel members in 36 countries to test advertising creative content.