NEWS6 June 2016

Luck made marketing consultant at Annik

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US – Global data management and analytics company Annik has appointed Kristin Luck as chief marketing consultant. 

Kristin_luck crop

Luck (pictured) will help the company with a growth sales and marketing strategy.

Rahul Sahgal, CEO of Annik, said, “Kristin brings tremendous expertise in repeatedly taking products and services to the market with great success. We see this as a strategic move to leverage the skills we have built over the years and which have a growing demand in the marketplace.”

Luck will help on strategies for new products that Annik plans to launch this year. She said: “Annik is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the massive data driven evolution that’s happening in the marketing measurement space right now. I’m excited to work with their global team to help build a strategy that drives continued growth and success.”