NEWS1 April 2015

Loyalty programmes ‘more important for brand loyalty than value for money’

News North America

US — Enrolment levels in consumer loyalty programmes in the US have reached an “all-time high”, according to a new report.

A survey of 10,000 consumers, conducted by Bond Brand Loyalty, revealed that one third of consumers agreed they would not be loyal to a brand if it were not for a loyalty programme, and that 70% of consumers modify when and where they shop to maximise points (a 13% rise from two years ago).

Loyalty programmes were also found to be a top contributor to brand loyalty, ranking higher than factors such as product and service availability, value for money and communications from the brand.

“The past year saw an increasing number of consumers opt-in to a variety of different loyalty programmes,” the report read. “Our study shows consumers overwhelmingly agree that loyalty programmes are worth the effort, and it appears the extent to which programmes are effective in influencing customer behaviour show no signs of diminishing.”