NEWS26 August 2010

Loudpixel’s Levee looks to calm flood of social media data

Data analytics North America

US— Getting your company noticed in the crowded social media monitoring marketplace is hard-work – so one Chicago-based start-up is taking a different tack. It’s built a dashboard in which to bring together data from the myriad tools available to marketers.

The company is called Loudpixel and the dashboard it has created is named Levee – an appropriate choice given co-founder Allie Osmar’s belief that “the market for social media aggregators has become flooded in the past year”.

“We’re not competing with these tools,” she said. “We’re simply recognising that no single tool is perfect, and there needs to be a better, faster way to add human input and present the data through a single dashboard.”

In analysing social media data, she says human input is necessary “to add context and sort out what matters from what doesn’t”.

Levee works by importing data from social media monitoring tools for analysis and reporting. “Every report has the same general formatting, and it’s set up so that the end user can scan the report in five minutes,” says Osmar.

She says Loudpixel has been using the dashboard internally on its own client projects for eight months. The plan now is to make it available to select partners.

“We created Levee to solve our own problems, but I can see it working well for agencies and companies who are looking for speed and consistency when reporting across multiple brands,” says Osmar.