NEWS16 August 2016

Lotame launches consumer data product

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US — Data management platform Lotame has launched Data Stream, a source of consumer data powered by data from Lotame’s global network of publishers. 

Andy monfried crop

Lotame Data Stream supplies access to billions of consumer profiles collected from thousands of websites, which can then be combined with businesses’ existing first-party data. 

This can then be used for a number of purposes, including product and media recommendations, personalised digital experiences and market insights and intelligence.

"Historically, having access to data at the level available from Lotame Data Stream has been limited to brands and their advertising agencies, with little flexibility in how the data is purchased, where it’s accessible, and how it can be used," said Andy Monfried, Lotame’s founder & CEO (pictured).

"We're changing all that. The Lotame Data Stream unlocks consumer data and removes the CPM-based pricing model to support businesses beyond digital advertising."