NEWS11 October 2013

Looking for a better experience, Nunwood spends £1m on Fizz

Technology UK

UK — Nunwood has completed a ground-up rebuild of its Fizz knowledge management platform, eight years on from its original launch.

The new Fizz: Experience Management software is the result of a £1m investment and an 18-month development cycle, according to the company.

The last upgrade to the platform was a year ago, and marked the first time that Fizz had adopt the ‘Experience Management’ branding, reflecting Nunwood’s shift in focus towards customer experience management.

We asked the company to outline what’s changed between then and now. Here’s what they told us:


The previous iteration of Fizz – and almost every other EFM system on the marketplace – focused on how do you manage data more effectively, in real-time, from multiple sources.

It was reporting – good reporting – but very focused on describing the customer experience.

The focus on the latest version is much more on prescribing and managing action. There are three aspects to this:

  • Much more sophisticated action planning and management. Plans and workflows are attached to data priorities. Managers can view their reports’ plans and ascertain they are working towards their customer priorities.  
  • Increased emphasis on best practice. We’ve folded in a number of enterprise content management features, allowing managers to access insights and best practice specific to a current customer priority. For example, if you’re a certain supermarket manager facing problems with perceptions of product quality, then Fizz will give you immediate access to planograms, merchandising briefs, quality checklists etc – all the tools you need to make a difference.
  • Directly links through to eLearning Management. Many successful organisations now have eLearning technology. None we are aware of link them to their customer insights. Fizz gives this capability. Facing a problem with staff knowledge in a specific part of your business? Fizz provides a link through to the relevant online learning and certification resources. Staff learning becomes driven by customer need.

In essence, this closes the circle on experience management, making it much easier for insight professionals to point to hundreds or thousands of actions as a result of their work.

Managing director Phil Rushfirth (pictured) said: “Our goal has been to make it significantly easier to co-ordinate and develop customer experiences across multiple sites, channels and geographies.”