NEWS16 February 2017

Location-based video ads key mobile trend in 2016

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US – The growth of location-based mobile video ads was the top US mobile ad trend in 2016, according to a report from Positive Mobile. 

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The report revealed that the proportion of ads served with location-based targeting rose from 5% in Q2 2016 to 17% in Q4. This trend is in line with recent research from BIA/ Kelsey, which predicts that spending on locally-targeted video will increase from $5bn in 2016 to $37.6bn in 2021. 

Other findings include: political ads peaked in Q4, driven by location-targeted congressional campaign ads (this category decreased from Q1 to Q2 as those presidential candidates using mobile video dropped out of the race); travel ads peaked in Q2 and Q4 in the run up to winter and summer holidays; home improvement (in the retail category) peaked in Q2 (spring); and in Q4 2016 CPG dropped and retail held steady while toys, cosmetics/ beauty, technology and telecommunications grew. 

“From local car dealer and retail ads to ads for congressional candidates leading up to election day, we’ve seen exponential growth in location-based mobile video ads,” said Tzahi Stein, CEO & founder, Positive Mobile.