NEWS18 July 2012

LivePerson unveils LP Insights text analytics platform

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US — Customer experience specialists LivePerson have announced the launch of LP Insights, a text analytics solution that transforms “voice of customer” data and content into actionable insights.

LP Insights has been designed to monitor, measure, and make sense of customers’ words, behaviour, reasons for contact, buying patterns and sentiments. It can then deliver turnkey intelligence to any desktop and analyse chat transcript data.

The tool, which also encompasses data from other channels including survey results, web analytics, emails, call transcripts, social media, is being used by a number of brands in a pilot programme. These include Petco Animal Supplies, a pet speciality retailer, which is using it to aggregate and analyse data from multiple customer touchpoints and gain a comprehensive understanding of customer sentiment both online and in-store.

“At Petco, we’re deeply committed to delivering the best service to our customers both online and in-store. By using LP Insights, we were able to connect the dots between multiple sources of customer data and discover key areas for improvement,” said Erin Smith, Petco’s director of customer care.

Insights are posted on to dedicated dashboards, built to enable prompt identification of key trends and opportunities for improvement.