NEWS19 October 2015

Linkfluence acquires ActSocial

Asia Pacific Europe M&A

FRANCE — European social media intelligence company Linkfluence has acquired ActSocial as part of its global expansion.

ActSocial is a Chinese social media intelligence company based in Singapore and Shanghai, while Linkfluence has offices in the UK, Germany, France, China and Singapore. Linkfluence has also recently acquired German media monitoring compant Die Medialysten; in this acquisition announcement the company states that it is set to reach an annual turnover of €15m this year. Terms of the latest deal have not been disclosed.

“We are very pleased to welcome the ActSocial teams within Linkfluence,” said Linkfluence CEO Hervé Simonin. “ActSocial is a well-established business in China, helping major international brands to make the most of the Asian social web. This strategic acquisition supports our clients on a global scale.

“It is a strong signal to the Social Media Intelligence market: Linkfluence strengthens its position in Europe and successfully evolves its development in Asia.”