NEWS29 May 2009

Lightspeed launches Machine ID panel tool

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US— Lightspeed Research is the latest online researcher to launch a sample de-duplication tool.

Machine ID identifies individual computers using more than 25 data points and blocks respondents from taking any survey more than once from the same computer.

The tool is part of the firm’s data quality programme, which also includes measures to prevent fraudulent respondents from signing up for panels by checking for masked IP addresses and verifying email and postal addresses against databases. Quality checks are carried out on survey responses to make sure that respondents are engaged, satisfied with the quality of the survey, and answering questions properly.

Lightspeed CEO Anne Hedde said: “Given the internet’s built-in anonymity and the ability it provides for users to execute transactions anywhere, it can be difficult to authenticate the identify of a panellist. Not only do our tools allow us to verify legitimate panellists during registration, but they also provide us data over time that will help us identify patterns associated with fraudulent activity.”

Machine ID is available on all the firm’s North American panels, and plans are underway to launch it in Europe and Asia Pacific later this year.