NEWS3 February 2017

Lightspeed extends data service in Europe

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UK – Kantar-owned Lightspeed has introduced its data service, AmplifyR Appends, into Europe following its US launch last year.

Caroline Frankum crop

It will now be available in the UK, France, Germany and The Netherlands. AmplifyR Appends overlays demographic data and lifestyle attributes to panellist profiles and their survey responses.

Caroline Frankum (pictured), chief executive officer, EMEA, Lightspeed said: "It’s no longer feasible to approach surveys from a single perspective where we just ‘ask’ questions. We need to engage and entertain; we need to create shorter surveys by asking panellists fewer tedious questions to capture information that can be found elsewhere.

"AmplifyR Appends helps us understand consumer behaviour anranFd capture a holistic view of the consumer by pairing behavioural and demographical information with targeted survey data that can’t be found elsewhere."