NEWS18 January 2017

Lightspeed adds video open end capability

News North America

US — Lightspeed has launched Video Answers, which offers the ability to capture and analyse video open ends as part of survey research, in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

Video crop

Video answers is available in two tiers: basic video capture, which includes scripting by Lightspeed, incremental incentives, editing and data storage; and enhanced analysis (through Voxpopme). which includes basic video capture and album delivery, Voxpopme analysis and platform access, activity tags and transcription. 

“Our partnership with Voxpopme will allow us to enhance quantitative studies by adding this powerful new capability,” said Frank Kelly, senior vice president, global marketing and strategy at Lightspeed.

“The combination of Lightspeed’s world-class survey design and market penetration with Voxpopme’s groundbreaking platform will create a powerful new way to analyse consumer behaviour.”