NEWS20 November 2018

Leger launches Happiness Index

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CANADA – Polling, market research and analytics firm, Leger, has released its own version of the Happiness Index following the purchase of two indices earlier this year.

Leger bought the Relative Happiness Index and Work Happiness Index from founder and creator Pierre Côté for an undisclosed amount in June this year. It is now revamping the index to better adapt to the digital market and will now be known as the Leger Happiness Index.

The Leger Happiness Index evaluates the general frame of mind of populations. It is consulted annually by more than 100,000 people who answer a variety of surveys across North America and Europe.

Leger is also unveiling its Daily Mood Index, a new product that measures trends in the population’s mood over time and its Happiness Index at Work to look at employee happiness.

Jean-Marc Léger, president of Leger, said: “We want to allow users to calculate their changing moods over time and every day. It’s a bit like the weather, this index now allows us to measure how the population of a given city, of a certain age, at any given time, is doing.”  

Côté, now research director at Leger, added: “Happiness at work is profitable, productive and contagious. At this point in time, a company cannot afford to have unhappy employees.”