NEWS18 October 2012

Latest GfK quant offering focuses on human relationships

Europe Features

GERMANY — GfK has developed a new quantitative model approach which will offer brands “metaphors” and templates to describe consumers’ relationships with their business.

The new approach, developed in collaboration with the GfK Association and Professor Susan Fournier of Boston University, works by studying consumers’ emotional and social connections with brands. GfK has developed statistical models that aim to identify what builds brand equity and drives relationship growth or decline. These are based on global R&D in 11 different categories and 250 brands.

The agency says it will be able to provide clients with clear guidance on how to improve brand management and customer experience using the approach and claims initial tests have already shown a clear connection between these brand relationships and business outcomes.

John Wittenbraker, global director of innovation, brand and customer experience at GfK, said: “Relationships are inherently emotional and social – which are also the two most important engines of consumer behavior. This approach moves us beyond the traditional brand funnel – and, because it accounts for the lifespan of relationships that consumers have with brands, it also delivers strategies for managing customer lifetime value, which are key to long-term brand success.”