NEWS7 May 2019

Kynetec b2 acquires JTL

Europe M&A News

BELGIUM – Global full-service market research company Kynetec b2 has bought Belgium-based CATI call centre, JTL, for an undisclosed amount.

Dominique Vanmarsenille_crop

The purchase is part of Kynetec B2’s building of its market research capabilities and involves JTL’s team of around 30 interviewers.

They have experience with interviews across a range of important and hard-to-reach audiences such as cabinet ministers, telecom/IT managers, CEOs, financial managers, medical specialists and marketing/communication managers. They can interview in Dutch and French, and so are able to reach multi-country decision-makers and influencers across Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

The JTL unit will also support interviewing for specialist B2C audiences, as well as providing additional interviewing capacity for the Kynetec Group’s core agriculture and animal health markets.

Dominique Vanmarsenille (pictured), executive director at Kynetec b2 said: “JTL has been one of our strategic partners for many years, providing excellent work by interviewing hard to reach target audiences. Bringing the expertise of JTL into the Kynetec group enables us to continue to build our market research capabilities, providing additional value and speed for our clients.”

In addition to supporting Kynetec b2, the call centre will remain an independent unit and continue to offer CATI services to other market research agencies in Belgium and beyond.