NEWS12 September 2012

Kinesis and Federated Sample strike partnership

North America Technology

US— Kinesis Survey Technologies has partnered with Federated Sample to integrate their product offerings for research data collection.

The initial phase of the integration will allow users of Federated’s Fulcrum sample procurement tool to optimise their samples from within the Kinesis user interface, while longer-term integration plans envisage customers being able to directly recruit augmented sample from Fulcrum via the Kinesis platform while also allowing for the use of customisable routing tools. A Fulcrum mobile routing solution will also be available next year.

Leslie Townsend, Kinesis president (pictured), said: “The co-development efforts for Kinesis Panel and Fulcrum will provide both cost and time savings in the fielding of market research projects, as well as enable another means of monetising panels, which is vital in a tough economy.”

Earlier this week Federated Sample and Ugam Research inked a deal which sees Ugam licence Federated’s Fulcrum platform while also becoming Fulcrum’s official services partner.