NEWS15 November 2023

Kepler integrates YouGov consumer data for brand campaigns

Media News North America

US – Digital marketing agency Kepler has partnered with YouGov to allow brands to integrate consumer sentiment and behavioural trend information into their digital campaigns.

Through the partnership, Kepler will combine YouGov BrandIndex and YouGov profile data with its data analytics and optimisation technology platform.

The Kepler intelligence platform allows marketers to manage brand media investment. It includes campaign management and audience optimisation tools.

Nathan Kangpan, chief information officer at Kepler, said: "The partnership with YouGov allows brands to embrace powerful information that can have a significant impact on performance and brand reputation.

"Integrating YouGov data with other layers of audience data achieves a level of granularity in consumer profiling that is often hard to obtain through traditional methods. This allows businesses to tailor their strategies with more accuracy."

The initiative follows the launch of Kepler Creative, a practice that will offer a set of creative optimisation, generation and planning tools for marketers.