NEWS4 June 2015

Keller Fay Group and Nielsen collaborate on WOM influencer segments

News North America

US — Word of mouth specialist the Keller Fay Group has announced that it has collaborated with Nielsen on the creation of Word of Mouth Influencer Segments.

The new service includes around 200 word of mouth segments, spanning 12 categories, including automotive, financial services and consumer packaged goods. It leverages consumer online activity, as measured by Nielsen, with consumer conversations about products, services and brands from Keller Fay’s ongoing study of word of mouth, TalkTrack.

Examples of the consumer segments are those who engage in word of mouth conversations about an advertiser’s category or brand, ‘Conversation Catalysts’ (consumer influencers who stand out because their impact on buying decisions is significantly greater than the average consumer), and consumers engaged in conversations about specific political issues.

“Independent research done for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) shows that consumer conversations and recommendations drive $6 trillion in annual consumer spending,” said Brad Fay, COO of Keller Fay Group. “We also know that digital channels drive about a quarter of those conversations.

“By precisely targeting consumers who are already engaged in word of mouth conversations about a category or brand, advertisers can trigger more word of mouth momentum  and optimise the reach and effectiveness of their ads.”