NEWS19 September 2013

Kantar teams up with I-Behaviour to target complex consumer groups

Data analytics UK

UK — Kantar Media has teamed up with I-Behavior to help advertisers reach complex consumer groups online.

Ad-Vantage looks at helping online ad planners stop relying solely on online user journeys and related proxies as a ‘best match’ to deliver highly-targeted client briefs by providing TGI data which then uses I-Behaviour to deliver cookies to reach the defined segment.

Kantar Media director Richard Keogh said: “Until now, when an online ad planner got a brief to target a complex consumer group, they would have to create a proxy as best they could from online user journeys. But now, Kantar Media’s Ad-Vantage initiative allows campaigns to be built around the consumer lifestyles, product usage, media consumption and attitudes that prompt particular online behaviour.”