NEWS14 July 2014

TGI extends service for programmatic ad planning

News UK

UK — Kantar Media has launched TGI Standard Audiences to help planners and buyers reach specific audiences with programmatic advertising.


The addition of pre-defined groups of standard audiences to the TGI consumer insight tool means digital planners can reach specific groups based on offline and online behaviour, rather than relying purely on their online journeys and profiles. The aim is that it will be easier to fulfil complex online ad briefs.

Among the pre-set categories are: people who love to buy new gadgets and appliances; consumers who buy free range food and drink; parents who agree they always buy the brand their children prefer; cinema-goers whose favourite film genre is thrillers; and households who spend more than £70 on the weekly grocery shop. There are more than 50 unique TGI standard audiences identified in all and they are built from Kantar Media’s TGI study which gathers insight into British adults’ brand use, leisure activity, media consumption and attitudes.

If the 50 plus standard audiences still don’t meet a planner’s requirements, Kantar also offers its Ad-Vantage bespoke online targeting service. TGI standard audiences are integrated with a variety of programmatic advertising platforms, including Videology, AppNexus, Turn, DBM, Zipline and Lotame.