NEWS26 February 2013

Kantar Media wins Cambodian TV audience measurement task

Asia Pacific New business

CAMBODIA — The Cambodian Broadcasting Service has awarded Kantar Media a two-year contract for television audience research, beginning this year.

Kantar Media will record the television viewing habits of more than 500 homes in specific regions and urban areas including Phnom Penh, Siem Riep and Battam Bang using a personal diary service.  

Clients will use Infosys+ software to conduct analysis of the recorded viewing behaviour – including what was watched, when and for how long. 

It will be the country’s first TV audience measurement service.

Richard Asquith, global CEO of Kantar Media Audiences, said: “The media landscape is evolving rapidly in this dynamic region and we are confident that we can meet the industry’s need for audience measurement that will complement and support the growing TV eco-system.”