NEWS4 November 2015

Danish TV ratings retained by Kantar and TNS Gallup

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DENMARK — The Danish TV audience measurement steering committee has retained Kantar Media and TNS Gallup for its TV Ratings.

The service will run for five years initially from 2017, with the option to extend until 2024.

From 2017, the TV currency in Denmark will include enhancements to measure TV content that is broadcast, streamed or time shifted across all devices. The new service will see the base panel increased by 20% to 1,200 households measuring viewing on the TV set (Core TV). A secondary panel of 1,000 individuals will be recruited to measure in-home and out-of-home TV viewing on tablets, smartphones and PC’s (Extended TV). The additional panel will be enriched with a big data 25,000 web profile panel that will be used to add granularity to the Extended TV panel.

Kantar Media will fuse the data sets in the early hours each morning to deliver consolidated TV ratings to the industry every day.

The steering committee members include the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), TV 2, MTG, Discovery, Disney, Turner, Viacom & FOX.

The announcement follows a competitive pitch involving Nielsen and Ipsos.