NEWS29 July 2014

Kantar Media launches TGI Standard Audiences

News UK

UK — Kantar Media’s TGI consumer insight tool now provides a range of ‘standard audiences’.

These pre-defined groups of consumers are intended to facilitate addressable programmatic advertising in the UK, by allowing digital planners to “pinpoint and reach specific audiences based on their key offline and online behaviour and characteristics”.

Over 50 standard audiences have been identified, based on digital planners’ “most sought after targets to address”, including: ‘people who love to buy new gadgets and appliances’; ‘consumers who buy free range food and drink’ and ‘parents who always buy the brand their children prefer’.

TGI Standard Audiences are built from Kantar Media’s TGI study, which gathers consumer behaviour from 25,000 British adults every year to gain insight into their brand usage, leisure activity, media consumption, attitudes and motivations.

More information can be found here.

  • Kantar Media has also announced that PMT, the audience measurement steering committee in Slovakia, has renewed its contract for provision of TV audience measurement in the country. TNS, part of the Kantar Media network, will manage the current service until 2021.