NEWS5 August 2020

Kantar launches six-hour survey tool

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UK – Kantar has introduced a survey tool that claims to provide insights within six hours.

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‘Accelerated Answers’ includes two services, the first of which is ‘Quick Managed Survey', which will answer five questions from 500 consumers within six hours.

‘Quick Managed Survey’ will also offer fieldwork for larger surveys within 24 to 48 hours.

Kantar has also launched ‘Templated Solutions’, which will use survey templates and sample audiences to help streamline programming, data processing and visualisation time by up to 50%.

The two products will be available through ‘Accelerated Answers’ to in-house research teams and agencies in 70 markets across the world.

‘Accelerated Answers’ will also allow access to other Kantar tools, such as its machine learning-based fraud detection programme and the 100 million respondents on the Kantar Profiles Network.

Marc Ryan, chief technology officer for the Profiles Division of Kantar, said: “‘Accelerated Answers’ collects insights from real people in the moment they are needed and provides brands and agencies with the speed, customisation and automation needed to empower in-house research departments to get answers fast and make decisions faster.”