NEWS13 March 2023

Kantar, Audiense and Coca-Cola release analytics tool

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UK – Kantar has launched a consumer research tool developed through its open innovation ecosystem iLab in partnership with audience research firm Audiense and The Coca-Cola Company.

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The tool, called Digital Mirror, will use natural language processing and graph and correspondence analysis to identify emerging trends and map them to traditional consumer and product segmentations.

Digital Mirror, which is available globally, will seek to support product innovation, anticipating market disruptions, brand communications and targeting strategies through social media and demand-side platforms.

Cynthia Vega, global head dx analytics and iLab partnerships at Kantar, said: “Digital Mirror is a testimony to our unshakable belief in open innovation and the value of bringing together brands and diverse partners to disrupt traditional marketing research.”

Javier Burón, chief executive and founder at Audiense, said: “With Digital Mirror, we combine the power of a representative survey sample and advanced machine learning to know more about any segments’ core emotional and functional needs at scale.”

Michele Morena, digital insights – Europe at The Coca-Cola Company, added: “Most needs do not live in isolation and understanding their intersectionality is fertile ground for innovation.

“With the help of technology and digital data, we can be observers rather than intruders in consumers’ life. This allows us to identify white spaces, get inspiration and improve consumer targeting.

“Digital Mirror is an example of how open innovation can accelerate the development of martech solutions that better shape tomorrow’s brands.”